HSE Policy

The main purpose of the policy is to

  • Increase personal safety
  • Systematically treatment monitor the working environment in order to reduce damage to health.
  • Systematic treatment of lots of time and near miss accident to prevent recurrence.
  • Reduce the accident frequency within the work site.
  • Safe practice of work.
  • prior to any operator starting work he will be made fully aware of all risk involved in carrying out the operation and how to minimize the associated hazards in order to manage the control of hazards and risk it is essential to follow some fundamental principles.
  • If possible avoid the risk completely by using different materials of methods or methods if they are not essential to the activity.
  • Wherever possible adapt work to individual especially in choice of workplace equipment and methods of working with the aim of reducing monotony that contributes to potentical hazards.
  • Take advantages of technological progress that often makes work safer and more efficient.
  • An active and safety culture mist exist and be assured so that the principle of risk prevention are part of everyones attitude at every activity.
  • Incorporate prreventive measures in a coherent policy to progressively reduce or eliminate risks.